• Mighty MAGshiel

Mighty MAGshiel

型號 : MG
型  號:MG
中文名稱:Mighty MAGshiel



商 品 說 明 資 料

Product No. MG-2-01 MG-2-02 MG-6-01 MG-6-02 MG-6-03
Max. rotational torque 0.2N・m 0.6N・m
Joint size 24/40 29/42 24/40 29/42 34/45
Stirring rod dia. φ8
Connecting shaft to stirrer φ8×20mm φ8×6mm
*optimized for "Herical coupling"
Weight 0.6kg
Vacuum tolerance 10-3Pa

*Mighty MAGshiel is a stirring seal with magnetic coupling. A overhead stirrer is needed as a driving source.